Maternity Care

1:1 Consultations

Prenatal naturopathic care supports the prenatal medical care that you receive from your family physician, obstetrician or midwife.  Prenatal consultations help you actively engage in the journey to motherhood.  Guided by the wisdom of nature, my goal is to help you navigate the information and resources available, allowing you to make confident, informed choices throughout this journey.

What You’ll Experience

Your therapeutic plan will depend on your overall health, as well as any symptoms that arise with the physiological changes of pregnancy.  Our primary goal is nourishment.  Nourishing your body, mind and spirit serves to nourish the growth of your baby.

SCS_maternity_0304Nourish your body. 
Healthy nutrition and lifestyle practices are an important foundation throughout life.  The best way to give your baby the healthiest start is to be at your healthiest.  As a registered naturopathic doctor, I am also trained in therapeutics that are safe during pregnancy and can help relieve common health concerns including nausea, anemia, heartburn, constipation, emotional changes, yeast infections and back pain.

Nourish your mind.  Birth preparation is essential to prenatal naturopathic care.  This is a time for learning and growth, as you prepare for the birth of your baby and for the birth of yourself as a mother.  During this time, you’ll receive support in outlining your birth intention, connecting with birth preparation classes and exploring all forms of pain relief available during labour – conventional and natural.

Nourish your spirit.  “The profound mystery and spirituality of birth can never be understood with the mind, they are known only through the heart.”  ~Pam England, Birthing From Within.  This is about reconnecting with and trusting your deeper knowing – and allowing yourself to surrender to the flow of the birth process and being prepared for whatever comes our way, during that process.

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S-Hardy_maternity_0371Prenatal Visit Fees*

Initial Consultation = $150
Follow Up Consultations (up to 60 min.) = $150
Follow Up Consultations (up to 30 min.) = $75

Consultations with a registered naturopathic doctor are exempt from HST and are covered under most extended health benefit plans. Check yours today!

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Workshops & Programs

Natural Pregnancy: Nourishing Your Transition Into Motherhood

Pregnancy, birth and early motherhood come with a lot of natural changes – body, mind and spirit.

Throughout this transition, symptoms and experiences can be distressing, especially when we don’t have a full understanding of what’s happening and how we can gently and naturally encourage relief.

During pregnancy we feel called to nourish ourselves, to support our health and the health of the life growing inside of us. We become more aware of what we eat, how we sleep and how we feel. Our natural rhythms draw us inward, encouraging connection with our self and our baby – Being.

Our culture draws us outward, to work, to care for others, to care of our home, to gather information, to know everything we need to know about pregnancy, birth and mothering – Doing.

We feel pulled in different directions. It’s exhausting. I’ve been there.

It’s time for something new. It’s time for an approach to pregnancy, birth and mothering that helps you connect with reliable information and (re)connect with your own unique inner wisdom, so you can make confident, empowered health decisions for you and your growing family.

That’s where I come in. [Click here to find out how I can help.]


Nourishing Mamas Prenatal Breastfeeding Sessions

  1. Supporting a Healthy Start to Your Breastfeeding Journey – optimizing breast milk production, how to know baby is getting enough, what to expect in the early weeks, risks of breast milk substitutes
  2. Bumps In the Road: Common Breastfeeding Challenges & Natural Solutions – low milk supply, managing discomfort, community resources for breastfeeding support

Individual sessions – for a Mama & one support person – are available. Contact the clinic to arrange a time – 506-382-1560.

Prefer a group setting? Know other Mamas who’d be interested?

I’m happy to provide the sessions in your home, for groups of five or more. Contact me (clinic[at] for details.

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Audios & Videos:

Progressive Relaxation

This free (9 minute) mp3 audio guides you through the practice of Progressive Relaxation, one of my favourite ways to release tension in the body and experience relaxation. It’s a great practice for releasing the stress of the day. And, taking time for Progressive Relaxation as you are getting ready for bed allows for a more restful sleep. (Click ‘Progressive Relaxation’ to listen.)

Healing Breath

This free mp3 audio guides you through a brief breathing practice that can be easily integrated into a busy life.  By taking a few minutes to practice the Healing Breath, a few times a day, you will experience more calm and relaxation, allowing for more energy and enhanced connection with your wise inner self. (Click ‘Healing Breath’ to listen. Background Music Credit: Deva Premal, Om Hraum Mitraya and Om Namah Shivaya)


Images by Rebecca Clarke Emotive Photographer.