Creating Space. Mothering as an Introvert: Navigating Motherhood Episode 11

This program supports informed, intuitive mothering by providing reliable information on a variety of family health topics and featuring Moms who are nourishing the connection with their inner wisdom and integrating it into real Life, everyday.
In episode 11, I’m thrilled to welcome Jac McNeil, thought partner and strategic ally for women entrepreneurs, to chat about […]

New Infant Sleep Research: Have You Gotten the Whole Story?

Traditional media and social media feeds have been all a buzz this week, sharing the results of a new study published about infant sleep training. The results of the study claim that both sleep training methods tested “provide significant sleep benefits above control, yet convey no adverse stress responses or long term effects on parent-child attachment […]

Normal Infant Sleep

Normal Infant Sleep: Myths & Realities

Nighttime mothering. I wonder how many Mamas are truly ready for the intensity of it.
I wasn’t. I’d always been a person who needed 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night to feel refreshed and ready for the day. I knew as a new Mama that I’d be sleep deprived but I didn’t understand the […]

Work Breastfeeding Strategy

Back to Work & Breastfeeding: Easing the Transition

Your breastfeeding relationship doesn’t need to end as you prepare to return to work. In fact, there are so many benefits to continued breastfeeding, including immune and nutritional support for Baby and being a source of bonding and reconnection for you and Baby, after time apart.
In Nova Scotia and many other places, you have the […]