Connecting With Nature: Navigating Motherhood With Confidence Episode 10

In episode 10, I’m chatting with Dr. Glenna Calder, ND about the ways she nourishes the connection with her inner wisdom. Dr Glenna is a registered naturopathic doctor, mother of three and co-host of Walk the Talk to Health and Wellbeing on Blog Talk Radio.

Our focus is on having a connection with nature – soaking it up, with all of our senses, no matter how much time we can dedicate to it – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes.

Being in nature resets the nervous system – it calms the mind and relieves stress – just what an exhausted Mama needs! In a great article in The Atlantic, Adam Alter summarizes this experience beautifully: “While man-made landscapes bombard us with stimulation, their natural counterparts give us the chance to think as much or as little as we’d like, and the opportunity to replenish exhausted mental resources.”

Not only does nature nourish Mama, it calms and nourishes our little ones too. Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and Vitamin N: An Essential Guide to a Nature Rich Life, says “Research suggests that exposure to the natural world – including nearby nature in cities – helps improve human health, well-being, and intellectual capacity in ways that science is only recently beginning to understand.”

I encourage you to begin where you are. Set aside a few minutes today to soak in some part of nature – either alone or with your little one(s). Engage your senses and notice how you feel in that moment.

With love,

Dr. Sarah

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