Creating Space. Mothering as an Introvert: Navigating Motherhood Episode 11

This program supports informed, intuitive mothering by providing reliable information on a variety of family health topics and featuring Moms who are nourishing the connection with their inner wisdom and integrating it into real Life, everyday.

In episode 11, I’m thrilled to welcome Jac McNeil, thought partner and strategic ally for women entrepreneurs, to chat about how she nourishes the connection with her inner wisdom and integrates it into real life every day. We chat about mothering as an introvert and the need for creating space for alone time – time for reflection, integration and connection with intuition. Jac shares with us one of her favourite doors into connection with inner wisdom – drawing an Oracle Card from one of her favourite decks.

If you’ve never experimented with Oracle Cards before, I encourage you to explore the decks available on Colette Baron Reid’s website. She’s graciously put four decks online for anyone to access.

Our session wraps up with a most generous gift from Jac ~ free access to her Solopreneur Sojourn Retreat Kit. This beautiful offer provides Mamas who are considering self employment and those who are currently self employed, with an opportunity to explore within, while connecting with the next steps forward on their journey.

From Jac’s website:

“As women entrepreneurs, we know our business is a place where our courage intersects with our vulnerability and where our profit is driven by our connection to a deeper purpose.


But sometimes we get tired. We expose ourselves to too much stimulation and become entangled in the noise and needs of others. When this happens, we have a hard time hearing our own answers to the important questions we’re asking.


Maybe you’ve been wondering . . .  What’s next? Where am I being called? What wants to emerge?


I created The Solopreneur Sojourn to honour the women entrepreneurs I work with everyday. The women doing meaningful work in the world and making an important financial contribution to their family. Women like you and me.


The Solopreneur Sojourn is a safe harbour for the psyches and souls of women entrepreneurs.


It is a self-guided retreat kit for you and your business and it will help you come home to your soul-place– the place where your courage and wisdom live and thrive.


This kit is comprehensive, elegantly designed and, I promise: there’s nothing fluffy about it.


It’s already being referred to as:

“. . .smart and heart.” Amy Kessel, Certified Professional Coach

“. . . an immersive experience for your business.” Jennifer Louden, author of The Women’s Retreat Book and The Life Organizer

To receive your gift from Jac, simply watch to the end of the video for the link to request it.

I also invite you to connect with Jac on Facebook and through her mailing list at