Parenting Our Picky Eaters: Navigating Motherhood with Confidence Episode 9

In episode 9, I’m chatting with Dr. Jennifer Salib Huber, ND from Pillars of Health about parenting our picky eaters.

Dr. Jenn shares loads of information and practical tips including:

  1. the signs to watch out for that we may be parenting an extreme picky eater (a rare situation)
  2. tips for navigating picky eating phases (developmentally normal stages that most kids go through)
  3. tips for getting kids excited about meals

When it comes to straight forward guidelines, Dr Jenn often talks with parents about Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility – parents are responsible for┬áthe what, when & where (the healthy foods & boundaries around meal times) and children are responsible for how much & whether.

Dr. Jenn will be offering local workshops in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, later this year, focused on strategies for parenting picky eaters. Watch for more information on the Pillars of Health Facebook Page.

xo Dr. Sarah