Tapping Into Health On Your Mothering Journey: Navigating Motherhood With Confidence Episode 8

In episode 8 we explore tapping (AKA EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique) as a healing tool for clearing negative emotions that emerge during your mothering journey. Once you have the hang of it, tapping can be used in acute situations (when you can take a pause!) or for negative emotions that have been with you for days, weeks, months or years.

The effectiveness of this technique has been seen in research ~ helping to relieve symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias, physical illness and pain.

For Mamas, tapping is a useful tool ~ from pregnancy, throughout our mothering journeys:

Worried about baby’s health and development during pregnancy? Tap it out.

The unknown journey through labour & birth bringing up fears? Tap it out.

Overwhelmed with breastfeeding & night wakings? Tap it out.

Toddler tantrums have you frustrated? Tap it out.

In addition to the guided meditations you’ll find on The Tapping Solution blog, I’ve created this Fill in the Blanks Tapping Script¬†to help you get used to the process and customize it to your situation. Remember ~ the more specific you can be in describing your experience of the negative emotions you are tapping out, the more effective it will be.,

If you are looking for more resources about tapping, head on over to The Tapping Solution & the official EFT website.

Happy Tapping!

xo Dr. Sarah

(EFT) Tapping Points